Account Management FAQ

Is the membership really a lifetime upgrade?

Yes! There is no subscription cost associated with becoming a member - it's a one-time payment for a lifetime upgrade.

Where is my membership?

The Shodan Membership is a lifetime upgrade which doesn't expire. If you know you bought it and aren't seeing it on your account then you were logged-in to a different account (ex. the Google social login) and the membership is attached to that other account. Shodan does not automatically remove, expire or otherwise delete memberships.

Note that Shodan treats social login accounts as separate Shodan accounts - even if they share the same email address.

How do I redeem a gift code?

Redeem the gift from within your account settings by visiting the following URL:

Do you offer student/ professor/ university discounts?

Yes, we provide free upgrades to students, professors or IT staff at universities. If you create a Shodan account with your academic email address then you will automatically receive the free upgrade. If you don't receive the upgrade please email from the same email you used to sign-up.