Academic Upgrade

Shodan provides a free Membership upgrade for users that sign up with an academic email address (ex. ending in .edu, etc.). The academic membership includes the following:

  • Ability to monitor up to 16 IPs
  • 100 query credits per month
  • 100 scan credits per month
  • Access to Shodan Maps and Shodan Images
  • vuln filter can be used on the website


My account wasn't upgraded

If you signed up with an academic email address and you weren't upgraded then please email from the email address that you registered with.

I'm unable to download data via the website

Academic users aren't able to download data via the website. To download data please using the command-line interface or the API.

What if my school doesn't have an academic domain?

Some countries don't provide academic TLDs and in those cases you can email us directly. If your university doesn't have an obviously academic domain then please email and we can manually verify that the domain is part of a university.

Error: "vuln" search filter not allowed

The vuln search filter can only be used via the website. You can't use it on the CLI or the API.

I can't change my email address

We don't currently allow academic users to change their email address.