Backup and Restore Network Monitoring Settings

The Shodan CLI lets you export/ import your settings in case you want to migrate network monitoring to new accounts, save your configuration if you can't renew your subscription on-time or otherwise want to keep an archive of the networks/ domains that you're monitoring.


Backup the Settings

To backup your configuration we will use the shodan alert export command. It works without any arguments and generates a shodan-alerts.json.gz file. For example:

$ shodan alert export
Looking up alert information...
Writing alerts to file: shodan-alerts.json.gz
Successfully exported monitored networks

Restore the Settings

Note: Only restore the settings on Shodan accounts that aren't yet configured for network monitoring.

The command to restore a configuration is called shodan alert import and requires the name of the export file. If you didn't create a custom filename then you would simply run the following command:

shodan alert import shodan-alerts.json.gz

At this point, your account should have all of the previously-exported alerts configured again including the notifiers and whitelisted services.